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  • 2022 September 27

    Coal flows to the South

    Redirection of coal exports requires revision of logistic chains in the country. In the current situation, ports compete for the capacity of railways striving to continue shipments to available markets.

  • 2022 September 23

    Ship repair bases prescribed for the fleet

    By 2023, RF ship repair market is expected, by some estimates, to grow 1.6 times to RUB 144 billion. It is Russia’s fishing fleet numbering about 2,000 ships that suffers one of the most urgent ship repair problems. Ship repair bases should be developed in all fishery basins with investments estimated at RUB 20 billion. Experts believe that this segment development can be financed by private resources if alliances of ship repair companies and ship owners are set up.

  • 2022 September 21

    Sergey Doronin: “The use of geotechnical vessels for drilling stratigraphic wells is much cheaper than deployment of exploration drill rigs”

    Russian geologists have gained their first experience in successful application of a relatively cheap method to conduct geological survey of the continental shelf subsoil by drilling stratigraphic wells of small depth using geotechnical vessels. That lets do without expensive exploration drill rigs but Russia has only one proper ship, head of RosGeo department for offshore geological exploration, told IAA PortNews.

  • 2022 September 19

    LPG and methanol exports amid sanctions

    Russian liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and methanol used to be mainly bound for Europe. However, Russia lacks dedicated port facilities. The bulk of seaborne methanol exports and a considerable share of LPG exports goes via Finland and can be blocked any time.

  • 2022 September 14

    Floating NPPs and hydrogen ports: made in Russia

    Eastward pivot of Russian economy dictates the need to facilitate the development of remote territories. Energy is the key to their successful development. With this in mind, it is planned to continue production of unique floating nuclear power plants. Floating platforms of composite materials have been designed for accommodation of related facilities. Creation of hydrogen clusters is also on the agenda, although it is viewed as exotic so far.

  • 2022 September 8

    What does eastward pivot bring?

    The Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok has probably outplayed the Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum this year in view of cargo flows turning eastwards. When speaking at the plenary session, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a “logistics boom”. The focus is still on the development of the North-South ITC and the Azov-Black Sea Basin ports. Operation of terminals and shipping companies in the peak market has been also covered by the business.

  • 2022 September 6

    Foreigners sail off the Arctic

    No international transit is expected on the Northern Sea Route this year. Perhaps, that is for the best since intense development of international shipping on the Arctic route could potentially lead to perverse political and legal effects.

  • 2022 August 31

    Rosmorport withdrew icebreakers from Zvezda

    FSUE Rosmorport hands over the order for construction of two shallow draft icebreakers of Project 22740 from the Far East shipyard Zvezda (consortium of Rosneftegaz, Rosneft and Gazprombank) to its Petrozavodsk, Karelia based Onezhsky Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Yard. The delivery of ships was to begin in 2025. Analysts expect that handing over of the order will let cut the delay of icebreakers delivery.

  • 2022 August 25

    Russian bidders under dredging projects

    With the Big Four dredging companies of Europe having left Russia, the tenders under the Arctic projects attract Russian businesses. MezhRegionTruboprovodStroy JSC (MRTS) is registered as a bidder for maintenance dredging in the water area and on the access canal to terminal Utrenny (port Sabetta) in the navigation season of 2022 under NOVATEK’s Arctic LNG 2 project. The contract price is RUB 246.6 million.

  • 2022 August 17

    Questioned efficiency of subsidized shipping by NSR

    RF Government started subsidizing coastal voyages in the Arctic from the ports of Saint-Petersburg and Murmansk to the Far East terminals. From the beginning of the year, annual allocations for those purposes make RUB 560 million. However, nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput deployed for this purpose is only 10% loaded. Shippers say the route organization lacks awareness