• 2021 August 3

    Container overturn

    The surge of container freight rates from the beginning of 2021 has lead to a decrease of container turnover at Big Port St. Petersburg amid its growth in other container ports of Russia. Are these declining years of Big Port St. Petersburg?

  • 2021 July 29

    Arctic prospects

    The Northern Sea Route development foresees the construction of special transport ships of arctic class including dry bulk and container carriers. Among promising projects Rosatom considers the development of coal exports and establishment of container transit lines on the northern route.

  • 2021 July 23

    Cruises “eaten up” by virus

    Coronavirus related restrictions against foreign cruise and ferry passengers have led to a 90-pct loss of related ports’ income and the industry finds it unfair as the air checkpoints enjoy some exemptions.

  • 2021 July 19

    Andrey Vakhrushev: "Requirements of the Federal Agency for Fishery hamper dredging on the Don"

    In 2021, FSUE Rosmorport’s Azov Basin Branch will begin development of documentation on maintenance dredging on the shipping section of the Don River from 3121st km to km 3169th km. This dredging project is expected to become an important phase in the development of the ports of Azov and Rostov-on-Don.

  • 2021 July 14

    How Primorsky UPK will reshape Baltic logistics

    Russia is still dependent on a number of cargoes from foreign ports of the Baltic States and Finland. At the same time, Primorsk has a convenient harbor featuring original depths that enable the port to receive large-tonnage vessels. In an interview with PortNews, Andrey Sizov, General Director of the company, told about the Primorsky UPK project.

  • 2021 July 7

    Current state and prospects of Russian bunkering market

    The coming decade will be disturbing for the global bunker market entering a period of transition to the new realities of environmental protection. The related issues of the bunker market were discussed at the 14th All-Russian Forum “Current State and Prospects of Development of the Russian Bunkering Services Market”.

  • 2021 July 5

    Inland water transport: falling down but looking up

    Inland water transport development is not likely to be distinguished as a separate national project while year round navigation along the southern horseshoe can be considered to be unreasonable after launching of the Bagayevsky hydrosystem. Meanwhile, IWW cargo traffic over the first months of the year fell amid continued competition with the railway.

  • 2021 June 29

    NSR box game: vision of the Arctic container line

    CNIIMF has conducted a comprehensive technical and economic analysis under the project on arranging a transarctic container line. The priority option recommended by CNIIMF is a 6,000 TEU container ship of Arc8 ice class with steerable propellers powered by LNG as the main fuel.

  • 2021 June 22

    Freight storm

    The freight market is very rough with tanker freight rates at their historical low and dry bulker rates demonstrating an upsurge

  • 2021 June 16

    What’s the focus of Port Kolomna

    Port Kolomna is engaged in cargo transportation by inland water transport. It is among the ten largest shipping companies operating in Russia with the market share of over 4%. General Director Vladimir Alekseyev tells IAA PortNews correspondent about the company’s production facilities.