• 2017 December 29

    To the native harbour

    Russia has generally fulfilled its strategic task on shifting cargo flows to domestic harbours, though there is still a deficit of dedicated terminals in some freight segments. Resolving of systemic problems of inland water ways has begun but the problem of competition with railways has blown up. Shipbuilding has focused on import substitution, introduction of new technologies and alternative fuels with shipping industry to enjoy reasonable protectionism.

  • 2017 December 22

    Vitaly Klyuyev about mitigation of administrative burden

    It is recognized that administrative burden hinders the development of business. Yet, international and national regulations are introduced to ensure safety and environment protection, prevent illicit activities and unfair competition. Vitaly Klyuyev, Director of RF Transport Ministry's Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport, tells IAA PortNews about the ways to avoid overregulation of shipping and simplify the document flow system.

  • 2017 December 21

    Phantoms of Russian infrastructure - 2017

    The outgoing year features a clear trend that has emerged earlier – the decrease of interest to cost-intensive mega-projects. At the same time, high priority projects already launched are supposed to be completed. Most of projects with vague prospects were developed for the North and Far East and they are hindered by insufficient infrastructure.

  • 2017 December 18

    WISTA: The role of women in shipping continues to grow

    Seafaring occupations have traditionally been considered as "masculine", but there is a trend of increasing involvement of women. Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) is working for equality for female professionals in the maritime and related industries. The newly elected President of WISTA International Ms. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, the ex-President Karin Orsel and the President of WISTA Russia Olga Lazovskaya told in an interview with IAA PortNews about achievements in this direction, about new technologies and innovations in the shipping industry and environmental issues.

  • 2017 December 14

    Budget resources are leaving the ports

    It appears, further development of Russian port infrastructure will get no significant budget allocations. Amid the budget deficit, investors are proposed to look for funding sources other than the public purse. Several schemes are suggested: from concessions and “anchor zones” to investment duty.

  • 2017 December 6

    Leasing for fleet renovation

    Igor Ivashin, head of Sea and River Transport Department at STLC JSC, Russia’s largest leasing company, tells IAA PortNews about leasing and about the prospects of establishing a ship leasing company under the auspices of RF Transport Ministry.

  • 2017 December 4

    Hydraulic engineering

    Leonid Shurukhin, Project Manager at Aquatic JSC, leading company in hydraulic engineering and designing for rivers, tells Hydrotechnika journal (Media Group PortNews) about the company’s activities.

  • 2017 December 1

    Who is to win with the new Customs Code

    New Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was expected to come into effect in July but with the delay in the development of required regulatory documents the deadline was postponed till January 1, 2018. Russian participants of foreign economic activities are concerned about two issues: will the Customs Code come into force since the Law on customs regulation has not been passed in Russia yet and what is going to change from January 1?

  • 2017 November 28

    GLONASS in sea and river dimensions

    Ever rising demands for accuracy and reliability of sea and river vessels positioning as well as some special tasks requiring solutions of especially high reliability amid extreme shipping conditions determine the need for using advanced navigation systems.

  • 2017 November 22

    Sergey Kukushkin: Large shipping companies come to the NSR

    Considerable growth of cargo shipping in the Arctic has been driven this year by the Northern Sea Route, where new routes for the export of Russian hydrocarbons begin. Large foreign ship owners also use the lanes of the Northern Sea Route. That was the topic of IAA PortNews interview with Sergey Kukushkin, Acting Head of the NSR Administration.