• 9 ноября 2018 11:56

    На линию Сахалин-Курилы на время ремонта теплохода «Игорь Фархутдинов» выйдет дополнительное пассажирское судно - «Сахалин-8»

    Перевозки пассажиров морским транспортом на регулярной морской линии Сахалин – Курильские острова выполняются на теплоходе «Игорь Фархутдинов», на котором с 7 ноября по 17 декабря 2018 года запланировано проведение планового ремонта. Министерство транспорта и дорожного хозяйства Сахалинской области выбрало перевозчика и дополнительное судно, которое выйдет на линию на время ремонта теплохода «Игорь Фархутдинов». Как сообщает пресс-служба министерства, это будет пассажирское судно «Сахалин-8».

    Перевозки будут осуществляться с 12 ноября 2018 года согласно расписанию движения. Изменение расписания движения возможно вследствие неблагоприятных погодных условий.

    По техническим причинам судозаходы в морской терминал Малокурильское на острове Шикотан выполняться не будут. В целях транспортного обслуживания населения острова Шикотан Минтрансом Сахалинской области совместно с администрацией Южно-Курильского городского округа проработан вопрос об увеличении на маршруте Кунашир – Шикотан рейсов самоходных плашкоутов до четырех раз в неделю и рейсов вертолета до трех раз в неделю.

    Кроме этого, на время ремонта теплохода «Игорь Фархутдинов» в целях увеличения провозной способности воздушных судов на направлениях Южно-Сахалинск – Южно-Курильск и Южно-Сахалинск – Курильск Минтрансом Сахалинской области совместно с авиакомпанией «Аврора» принято решение о замене типа воздушных судов на суда большей вместимости. В дальнейшем, при необходимости будет рассмотрен вопрос об увеличении количества рейсов воздушных судов транспорта.

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2019 January 21

14:33 Incat to build a new ship for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago
14:03 CMA CGM joins to the world’s largest operational agreement extention
13:27 Algoma receives full refund for shipbuilding contracts with Uljanik and 3Maj Shipyard
13:13 ESL Shipping strengthens its Chartering team
12:46 Leonid Mashaev appointed as Acting General Director of “State Customer’s Directorate for Seaborne Transport Development Programmes”
12:18 Average wholesale prices for М-100 HFO up to RUB 14,769 in RF spot market
11:49 Dublin Port’s сargo volumes up by 4.3% in 2018
11:22 FESCO and ZIH launching a container train from Germany to China through the Far East
10:55 14 vessels escorted by icebreakers in eastern part of Gulf of Finland during 24 hours on January 20-21
10:27 TransContainer announced its preliminary operating results for the fourth quarter and the full year of 2018
10:04 Brent Crude futures price up 0.41% to $62.94, Light Sweet Crude – up 0.43% to $54.28
09:40 Throughput of port Kaliningrad in 2018 grew by 2% Y-o-Y to 14.05 million tonnes
09:19 Baltic Dry Index is up to 1,112 points

2019 January 20

16:08 Subsea 7 acquires multi-purpose offshore construction and dive support vessel
15:03 TEPCO and Ørsted sign MoU to work jointly on offshore wind projects
13:51 Major contract for JSS awarded to Montreal-based company
12:42 Huntington Ingalls Industries to acquire Fulcrum IT Services
10:47 Algoma provides update on status of fleet renewal

2019 January 19

16:19 Ocean Yield acquires Suezmax tanker Milos for $56.0 million
15:16 Evac expansion continues with acquisition of UK service company Transvac Systems
14:02 Deltamarin contracted to continue with Titanic II project
12:51 SGRE launches 10 MW offshore wind turbine
11:44 Algoma increases its interest in the ocean self-unloader Pool

2019 January 18

18:06 North Carolina Ports sets new record in 2018
17:47 Freight turnover of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in 2018 climbed by 3% Y-o-Y to about 3.2 million tonnes
17:25 Okskaya Sudoverf obtains patent for state-of-the-art pontoons
17:06 Hamburg prepares for ‘Hard Brexit’
16:44 Throughput of port Primorsk in 2018 fell by 7% Y-o-Y to 53.48 million tonnes
16:23 GTT receives a new order from SHI to design the tanks of two LNG carriers on behalf of Gaslog
16:20 NOVATEK elects new Board of Directors
15:56 Throughput of port Vyborg in 2018 grew by 25% Y-o-Y to 1.93 million tonnes
15:33 Stena Line’s first new generation ferry ‘floats’ in China
15:21 Bunker sales at the port of Singapore in 2018 fell by 1.7% Y-o-Y to 49.8 million tonnes
15:03 Panama Direct service CMA CGM to resume weekly rotations
14:47 Throughput of port Vysotsk in 2018 climbed by 7% Y-o-Y to 18.79 million tonnes
14:33 GranIHC appointed contractor for Equinor’s Peregrino Phase II Project
14:19 Port of Ust-Luga handled 98.72 million tonnes in 2018, down 4% Y-o-Y
14:03 Algoma Central Corporation increases its interest in ocean self-unloader Pool
13:50 18 vessels escorted by icebreakers in eastern part of Gulf of Finland during 24 hours on January 17-18
13:35 Throughput of the Port of St. Petersburg in 2018 up 11% Y-o-Y to 59.32 million tonnes
13:18 CMA CGM unites its Containerships and MacAndrews brands
13:11 Vladimir Putin supports Government’s proposal on expanding Far East Ministry’s functions with Arctic issues
12:49 Throughput of port Kavkaz in 2018 grew by 11% Y-o-Y to 49.276 million tonnes
12:26 MV Werften purchases Neptun Ship Design
12:08 Sakaide shipyard holds naming ceremony for new LNG carrier jointly owned by NYK and JERA
11:38 PGNiG SA signs agreement for oil and gas exploration and production in UAE
11:14 Remote pilotage to be allowed in Finland
10:47 Free zone status is a crucial advantage for the future development of the Freeport of Riga
10:06 Ice restrictions at the port of Ust-Luga come into effect on January 31
09:42 Brent Crude futures price up 0.9% to $61.73, Light Sweet Crude – up 1.09% to $52.64
09:20 Baltic Dry Index is up to 1,077 points

2019 January 17

18:13 PORT OF KIEL presents annual results 2018
17:51 Ice restrictions at the port of Primorsk come into effect on January 25
17:28 Global Ports sets up a common service call centre
17:09 EFIP welcomes and supports the European Parliament position on the Connecting Europe Facility for 2021-2027
17:05 North Sea Port monitoring the Brexit closely
16:44 ABP invests £700K to boost storage at Port of Ipswich
16:27 Global fuel market: still many uncertainties in both demand and supply
16:22 CMA CGM announces FAK rates from ISC to North Europe and the Mediterranean
16:05 OCEAN Alliance extends duration of OCEAN Alliance to ten years