2020 November 23

18:00 RF Government is set to reorganize the structure of development institutions
16:28 STLC and VEB-Leasing to be consolidated into Unified Leasing Company
15:17 RF Transport Ministry confirms its intention to introduce investment charges in seaports from 2021
14:53 Hydrographic boat of Project 19920 joins RF Navy’s Northern Fleet

2020 November 20

13:03 Zvezda starts cutting steel for lead LNG tanker of new ARC 7 class series

2020 November 19

15:59 Severnaya Verf lays down processing trawler of Project 170701 for NOREBO Group
14:00 Cargill to invest up to RUB 1.5 billion in its terminal complex in Rostov-on-Don
11:31 Navigation season closed in Moscow Basin of Russia’s IWW

2020 November 18

18:26 RF Prime Minister gives signal to launching new railway yard of Vostochny Port
16:48 Printed editions of PortNews Media Group represented at Transport of Russia exhibition
16:14 Rosatom expects annual cargo traffic on NSR to reach 110-120 million tonnes by 2030
13:45 Rechvodput signs state contract for construction of eight survey ships of RRR «О» class
13:00 Rosneft's BoD approved sale of 10% in charter capital of Vostok Oil to Trafigura

2020 November 17

16:20 Cargo traffic on Volga-Baltic waterways fell by 4% in navigation season of 2020
15:07 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard delivers dry cargo carrier Alfa Atlant
11:39 SCF Group increases net profit and contract backlog by more than double in first 9 months of 2020

2020 November 16

12:26 Throughput of Ust-Luga port in 10M’2020 decreased by 3% Y-o-Y
11:49 Arktika icebreaker leaves for its first working voyage
10:38 Throughput of Port St. Petersburg declined by 1% in 10M’2020
10:15 Passenger navigation season closed in Saint-Petersburg
09:43 Throughput of port Riga (Latvia) in 10M’2020 dropped by 27.5%

2020 November 13

15:39 Russia accounts for construction of 60% of mixed sea/river navigation ships over two recent decades
15:20 Rosmorport announces tender to continue construction of terminal in Pionersky
14:21 Bridge raising period on Neva river arms in Saint-Petersburg officially closes from 15 November 2020
13:07 Rosmorport announced competition for construction 18 MW icebreaker of Icebreaker7 classs
09:48 Sevmorzavod shipyard launches main part of pontoon for floating crane of Project ПК-700

2020 November 12

17:47 Rosmorport to invest over RUB 19 billion of its own resources in development of ports till 2030
16:55 Pontoon of Project GPRN, Beluga-2, launched in Astrakhan
14:52 Severnaya Verf shipyard launches longline factory ship of Project МТ 1112XL
12:22 Navigation season is over in the Baikal-Angara Basin of RF IWW

2020 November 11

14:15 Maksim Shaskolsky appointed as Head of Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
12:38 Throughput of Rostov-on-Don port in 10M’2020 grew by 12% Y-o-Y
10:09 Throughput of Russian seaports in 10M’2020 fell by 3% Y-o-Y
09:46 Vitaly Savelyev appointed Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2020 November 10

17:44 Market players outline proposals to overcome COVID-19 pandemic impact on RF water transport
17:16 USC to build LNG-powered cruise ship for RUB 27 billion
16:28 Passport of national project “Inland Water Transport” to be approved in April 2021
15:27 MSCC Bronka handled project cargo weighing over 340 tonnes
13:51 Throughput of port Kavkaz in 10M’2020 rose by 10% Y-o-Y
10:56 Port SEZ and Caspian cluster to be established in Astrakhan Region
09:44 Action plan approved for implementation of shipbuilding development strategy

2020 November 9

17:32 Kostroma Plant of Marine Equipment to build 11 survey ships for Rechvodput
15:37 Zvezda Shipyard starts building second MR product carrier
14:54 Rosatom delegates one of its companies to manage Commercial Port of Vladivostok
12:58 Throughput of Taganrog port in 10M’2020 fell by 2%
11:30 NSR cargo traffic grew by 2.9% in 10M’2020
11:07 Moby SPL looks into launching regular Saint-Petersburg – Kaliningrad line
10:29 Concordia Damen receives 40 inland waterway barge order from J.P. Morgan
10:05 Rosmorport estimates the need for ferries on a line with Kaliningrad at up to five units

2020 November 6

16:41 Navigation season is over in the Amur Basin of RF IWW
14:32 Round-table meeting “Systemic issues of sea and river transport through the prism of COVID-19” to be held online on November 10
13:24 Two new radio-guided catamarans intended for Kronshtadt Naval Cadet Corps tested in the Gulf of Finland

2020 November 5

16:10 Navigation officially closed in Lena Basin of RF IWW
12:05 Navigation season closed in Yenisey Basin of RF IWW
10:08 Diesel-electric icebreaker Victor Chernomyrdin delivered to Rosmorport

2020 November 3

13:02 Throughput of Port Vysotsky LLC in 10M’2020 climbed by 1.7% Y-o-Y
11:11 Oil shipments via CPC Marine Terminal in 10M’20 fell by 5% YoY
09:58 1.28 million tonnes of transit cargo carried by Northern Sea Route in 10M’2020

2020 November 2

16:42 Throughput of port Azov in 10M’2020 fell by 7% YoY
15:34 Cargo traffic within Azov-Don Basin of Russia’s IWWs grew by 4% in 10M’20

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