• 2022 August 10

    More ports for the Far East

    Total capacity of the Far East ports will grow by almost 30 million tonnes within a couple of year with implementation of the announced investment projects. In view of the exports pivot to Russia’s eastern gates, the highest growth is expected in Primorye and Kamchatka.

  • 2022 August 3

    With a southern line service

    Russian container market has been living in an absolutely new reality from February 24. Major marine operators have exited and the local players join hands with other foreign companies to launch new services and look for alternative ways of their container fleet expansion. FESCO, Novomorsnab and Ruscon told about the new export and import routes at the YugTrans Forum.

  • 2022 July 26

    Solid base of liquid fuel: LNG demand in shipping is on the rise

    Despite certain backslide of the decarbonization agenda amid the global energy crisis and restructuring of the global fuel market, LNG demand in shipping is not declining with its role increasingly high. Russia has a unique resource base in this segment and it can be used efficiently

  • 2022 July 21

    Coal shipments slow down

    Exports of coal, one of Russia’s three major foreign trade cargoes, have started declining. After the EU built up its purchase in May, June saw a 48-pct fall Russian coal shipments with the port of Ust-Luga affected most of all.

  • 2022 July 15

    Enter your stakes: ups and downs of freight market

    Freight rates and bunker prices have been showing sharp and mixed changes recently. VLCC rates have shown negative records and long-term shipping rates exceeded spot rates. With this background, measures to subsidize acquisition and chartering of ships are being developed in Russia.

  • 2022 July 12

    Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet: business development and shipbuilding

    The industry’s oldest fishery company – Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet JSC (ATF) – has been fishing in the northern seas for over a hundred years. Today, ATF is one of the fishing industry leaders. In his interview with IAA PortNews, ATF General Director Sergey Zarubin tells about the problems with construction of new ships, ship repair, and development of the company’s stevedoring activities at its own berths.

  • 2022 July 8

    Due south: transport corridor issues

    Amid sanctions and ‘logistics pivot’, much attention is paid to the development of the North-South ITC. The recent weeks have seen active launching of services on this route. However, it has some challenges and bottlenecks.

  • 2022 July 5

    Oil traffic drives towards BRICS

    The share of Russian crude exports to Western aligned nations has been decreasing from 2015 whilst BRICS countries have been increasing their share. Moreover, with its considerable discounts Russia can build up crude oil supplies to India and China as well as supplies of clean petroleum products to Brazil and South Africa, Gibson Shipbrokers experts believe. New routes are to intensify shipping

  • 2022 June 30

    Financing unstitched for terminals

    RF Government can start subsidizing loans of those investing in backbone network of transport and logistics centers (TLC) in view of cargo flows turning eastwards and lack of facilities on those routes. The Government’s document foresees preferential interest rate - 50% of the key rate. The market players estimate total investments in new TLCs at RUB 140 billion. Their capacity is to surge almost 2.5 times to 8.6 million TEU

  • 2022 June 28

    Baltic unloading: what is to handle?

    Cargo turnover in Russia’s Baltic Basin is dwindling amid the sanctions and ‘eastward turn’, especially in the container segment. Logistics experts suggest loading the facilities with containers from the Central Transport Hub while Belarus is offering its cargo. Is that enough?