• 2022 January 28

    Dredging and cleaning of Saint-Petersburg waterways

    In 2022, Saint-Petersburg Committee of Natural Resources, Environment and Ecological Safety will announce tenders for an unprecedented amount of about 1 RUB billion for dredging and cleaning of the city waterways. The key contractor in this segment is SUE Ecostroy subordinate to the City Administration. Private market players say such tenders usually imply no competition.

  • 2022 January 25

    Prospects of dry bulk cargo shipments

    Following the surge in autumn 2021, bulker freight rates showed a steep fall. The economic situation in China and the Omicron variant expansion will be the key factors affecting the dry bulk cargo market. At the same time, some bulkers can be deployed for container transportation amid the logistics crisis.

  • 2022 January 20

    Third attempt of Severnaya Verf to get new shipbuilding facility

    USC's Severnaya Verf cancelled its agreement with yet another company contracted for modernization of the shipyard planned for implementation back in 2015 and valued at RUB 7.8 billion. Both contractors failed to meet the deadlines and now the shipbuilding company expects its facility to be put into operation in 2022 and take over part of the production load from the existing facilities.

  • 2022 January 18

    Energy transition via ports

    The agenda of energy transition and reduction of carbon footprint can bring up new port, logistics and shipbuilding projects in Russia with a focus on hydrogen exports, carbon capture and storage as well as using hydrogen for shipping.

  • 2022 January 13

    Onboard hydrogen production

    АВВ Group working on a methanol-hydrogen fuel cell engine will supply an electric propulsion system with transformers and integrated fuel cells and batteries for Hydrogen One, the world’s first towboat powered by this type of fuel. Leasing company Maritime Partners expects it to ensure a higher sustainability and reliability of its fleet of towboats.

  • 2022 January 12

    Ildar Mirgiyazov, master of an autonomous ship: “The crew feels optimistic about the future”

    FSUE Rosmorport is holding remote control and autonomous navigation tests on its hopper barge Rabochaya. Ildar Mirgiyazov, master of the ship and captain-instructor of Rosmorport’s Taman Department, tells IAA PortNews about the practical side of the tests, the system failures revealed, prospects and friendliness of the technology.

  • 2022 January 10

    Russian coal hindered on its way to Europe

    In the beginning of 2022, Russian coal companies faced insufficiency of railway capacity at the approaches to the North-Western ports, which threatens with nonfulfillment of deliveries to European customers. Some stevedores operating in the Baltic ports of Russia told IAA PortNews that the volumes approved by Russian Railways for January are 30% below the plan. The monopoly confirms the restrictions and attributes them to a slow handling of cargo in ports, particularly due to the frosty weather.

  • 2021 December 29

    Russia’s infrastructure phantoms - 2021

    The list of phantom projects in Russian ports has not changed a lot over the year although some projects have been restructured and given a second wind. Dramatic changes in global logistics affected the plans of those investing in port infrastructure of Russia.

  • 2021 December 24

    Decision on berths is postponed

    According to data obtained by IAA PortNews, transformation of FSUE Rosmorport and FSUE Natsrybresurs (owns fish terminals in seaports) into joint stock companies being considered by the State Duma in the first reading is not likely to happen before 2023. However, final parameters of the process, inventory survey and stock check can be completed next year.

  • 2021 December 21

    CoalStar to spread its light at ports of Primorye

    Rosmorrechflot has reportedly approved the intent of Eduard Khudainatov's CoalStar to invest in construction of new coal terminals in the Far East. The projects of 42 million tonnes in capacity are to be implemented in Vostochny and Vladivostok ports. Experts expect the projects to face insufficient capacity of railways in the Eastern area which is already acute.