2018 May 23

09:55 Okskaya Sudoverf lays down lead multi-purpose dry cargo carrier of Project RSD32M

2018 May 22

17:26 Severnaya Verf starts cutting metal for initial section of longline factory vessel (photo)
16:28 Okskaya Sudoverf launches second shallow-draft barge of Project ROB20, Belmax 2 (photo)
15:50 RF Ministry of Justice registers order on designation of caution areas in ports of cities hosting World Cup 2018
12:42 IMO approves joint RF/USA proposal on regulation of shipping in the Bering Strait (photo)
11:03 Throughput of port Kavkaz in 4M’18 up 51% Y-o-Y to 11.28 million tonnes

2018 May 21

15:31 Vympel Shipyard launches 75th Mangust patrol boat for Russian FSB Border Service (photo)
11:56 Vladimir Serebrennikov elected as Director General of Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port
10:31 Water Transport newspaper celebrates its centenary on 31 May 2018 at Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library

2018 May 18

18:00 Denis Manturov appointed as the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
17:39 Yevgeny Ditrikh appointed as the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation (photo)
16:05 IMO begins scoping exercise on autonomous vessels
13:00 Cargo turnover at inland water ways of Azov-Don Basin down 12.7% to 606,000 tonnes
11:57 Astrakhan branch of Zvyozdochka shipyard launches rescue towboat for RF Defence Ministry (photo)
11:18 Akademik Lomonosov FPU arrives in the Kola Bay (photo)
09:56 ZNT Yard launched the lead hydrographic survey vessel and lays down two more HSVs (photo)

2018 May 17

17:54 Throughput of port Taganrog in Jan-Apr'18 up 39.8% to 1.46 million tonnes
16:48 Throughput of Rostov-on-Don port in 4M’18 up 29% Y-o-Y to 5.5 0 million tonnes
14:28 Throughput of port Ust-Luga in 4M’18 is flat Y-o-Y at 32.59 million tonnes
12:57 Autonomous maritime ecosystem to be created by 2025 under One Sea project
12:26 The port of Saint-Petersburg handled 19.31 million tonnes of cargo in 4M’18, up 16% Y-o-Y
10:56 Russia’s Accounts Chamber not to back draft law of Rosatom on NSR and Arctic infrastructure

2018 May 16

14:21 Finland suggests establishing an aggregator of icebreaking services involving Russia
10:39 Crimean Bridge motorway section opened to traffic
10:06 Russian President signs Executive Order on the Structure of the Federal Executive Authorities (document)
09:41 Shipbuilding - Ship Repair Corporation launches non-selfpropelled dredger for Lena Basin (photo)

2018 May 15

16:48 Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the Crimean Bridge motorway section (photo)
16:15 Vostochny Port exported 8.1 million tonnes of coal in January-April 2018, up 1% Y-o-Y (photo)
12:45 Aleksey Valger elected as Director General of Novosibirsk River Port

2018 May 14

17:30 Sergey Buyanov reelected as Director General of Central Marine Research and Design Institute (photo)
16:29 ASPO to build two chemical carriers of Project 00216М for Volgotrans (photo)
13:58 Freight turnover of Neva-Metal (Saint-Petersburg) in 4M’18 declined by 3% Y-o-Y to 1.42 million tonnes
10:54 Magomedov brothers accused under several articles of RF Criminal Code
09:59 Yury Ovsyannikov appointed as Minister of Transport of the Republic of Crimea (photo)

2018 May 11

18:13 V.F. Tanker will merge into Volga Shipping Company
17:59 Russian solar powered catamaran will sail from Saint-Petersburg to Astrakhan (photo, video)
13:00 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 117,700 tonnes of cargo in 4M’18, up 8.8% Y-o-Y (photo)
12:26 Seaports of the Russian Federation handled 260.8 million tonnes of cargo in 4M’18, up 3.7% Y-o-Y

2018 May 10

12:55 Loading at Rosterminalugol in 4M’18 grew by 2.8% to 7.05 million tonnes (photo)
12:17 DNV forecast: LNG to become the second most popular marine fuel by 2050 (photo)
09:38 Russia’s State Duma approves candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for the post of Prime Minister

2018 May 8

14:15 Throughput of Port Vysotsky up 3.8% to 2.34 million tonnes in 4M’18
12:18 State Duma Committee supports expanding Free Port of Vladivostok regime to Sovetskaya Gavan
09:34 Vladimir Putin gives instructions to RF Government on development of transport corridors and NSR

2018 May 7

16:48 Krasnoye Sormovo completed construction of five RST27М ships for BF Tanker (photo)
16:00 Vladimir Putin submits to State Duma candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for post of Prime Minister
15:00 RF Government retires following inauguration of Russian President
11:04 Pella Shipyard launches second serial corvette of Project 22800 (photo)
09:45 Alexeev’s Design Bureau launches second Valdai 45R hydrofoil (photo)

2018 May 4

18:20 Onezhsky shipyard launches ice-class buoy tender of Project 02780М (photo)
13:57 Okskaya Sudoverf launches first barge of Project ROB20 under contract with STLC
12:49 Baltiysky Zavod starts mooring trials of Arktika icebreaker (photo)

2018 May 3

17:50 Throughput of port Azov up 54% to 3.38 million tonnes in Jan-Apr’2018
15:51 Coal exports from Russia in Jan-Apr'18 grew by 5% Y-o-Y to 59.66 million tonnes
15:26 Russia's crude exports in Jan-Apr'18 grew by 0.6% Y-o-Y to 82.91 million tonnes
14:50 Programme of state support to construction of fishing ships extended by RF Government through 2019
11:18 Rosmorport appoints Gennady Khripunov as Acting Director of its Astrakhan Branch (photo)
10:55 Russian Railways' network loading up 3.4% to 424.6 million tonnes in Jan-Apr'18
10:14 Russia’s Government Commission approves Timur Kulibayev’s control over Port Vysotsky (photo)

2018 April 28

16:29 Summer cruise season 2018 kicked off in Moscow (photo)

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