• 2018 February 28

    Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade

    On development of domestic shipbuilding

    - Global shipbuilding has underwent a dramatic change over the recent decade, many of them are not for the better. Global demand reduction has already resulted in the crisis of overproduction in countries that have relied on water transport surge. In this situation we have managed to keep our companies working, load them with orders, retrofit the key shipyards and build new facilities. The government is successfully implementing the measures of state support to transport and fishing companies to increase the demand for new vessels.

    More than 60 ships and marine equipment units have been built under the projects in the framework of the Federal Targeted Programme and state sub-programme and the groundwork has been laid for the future.

    Though we have managed to develop a competitive image of shipbuilding industry we face a number of challenges. First of all, we should break the practice of importing 60-70% of shipboard equipment components. We are to confirm our unique competence in building icebreakers and master critical technologies in such key segments as offshore oil&gas prospecting, production and transportation, ensure domestic construction of large passenger ships and upgrading inland water transport.

    Besides, if we want to compete in the global market we should develop and implement projects on construction of innovative ships and equipment. That is something we are doing under the MariNet roadmap and industry-specific projects.

    Success in such challenging tasks is only possible through up-to-day value chains covering all levels of cooperation and phases of shipbuilding.

    Recorded by IAA PortNews at the meeting dedicated to domestic shipbuilding.

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