• 2017 November 13

    Gennady Yegorov, Director General, Maine Engineering Bureau

    On challenges of designing LNG-powered ships

    - LNG features apparent environmental advantages as compared with conventional liquid fuels, especially heavy fuel oil. But the main challenge of using LNG is related to volumes  ... Even in terms of heating value LNG volume is 1.7 times as much as required for diesel fuel. If we start accounting losses related to the tank form, its cooling process, this figure grows to 2.7 times. Tank form can cause a 4-fold increase of the volume. 

    The second question is what kind of gas we are going to use. There are no unified parameters for gas used by diesel engines. Different manufacturers of engines have their own idea about temperature, pressure, bunkering, etc. ... When speaking about LNG we consider it as something similar to heavy fuel oil. But heavy fuel oil has different density. LNG also has its own features. It is not clear what kind of LNG will be required for a diesel engine and what LNG will be at the inlet. It is difficult to integrate all those parameters when designing a ship. 

    Recorded at the Conference “LNG Fleet and LNG Bunkering in Russia” organized by Krylov State Research Center and Media Group PortNews (Moscow, 25 October 2017).

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