2019 May 8

11:45 Russian Federal Fisheries Agency to have 10 scientific research ships built by 2024

2019 March 5

13:53 Nuclear-powered LASH carrier / container carrier Sevmorput to make two NSR voyages with fish in 2019

2019 February 1

15:53 Regular shipping line to be established for transportation of fish along the Northern Sea Route

2018 October 25

17:26 Yantar Shipyard to build Russia’s largest fishing freezer trawler of Project 5670WSD
11:22 Regular shipping line can be organized for fish deliveries from Russia’s Far East

2018 September 18

12:40 Okskaya Sudoverf takes part in Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo 2018

2018 September 14

18:12 Russian Federal Fisheries Agency: crab quotas to be accompanied by investment obligations
14:05 Saving lives through enhanced fishing vessel safety on agenda of Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg

2018 September 13

16:47 Russian fishermen caught 3.7 million tonnes of acuatic bioresources YTD, up 5.7% Y-o-Y

2018 September 5

16:34 RF Government approves draft Agreement on Prevention of Unregulated High Seas Fishing in Arctic Ocean's Central Part

2018 August 3

14:42 Global fishery industry expo in St. Petersburg to present national booths

2018 July 20

15:21 Historical crab quota distribution principle is not effective enough – Rosrybolovstvo
13:00 Severnaya Verf lays down a longline factory vessel Gandvik-1 for fishing fleet of Karelia

2018 July 19

14:27 FSB Border Service explains its position as regards vessels owned by foreign entities and used by Russian fishermen
11:42 State Duma approves Russian ships’ multiple crossings of State Border through notification procedure

2018 July 17

13:41 Severnaya Verf will lay down a longline factory vessel Gandvik-1 on July 20

2018 May 22

17:26 Severnaya Verf starts cutting metal for initial section of longline factory vessel (photo)

2018 May 11

13:00 Murmansk Sea Fishing Port handled 117,700 tonnes of cargo in 4M’18, up 8.8% Y-o-Y (photo)

2018 May 3

14:50 Programme of state support to construction of fishing ships extended by RF Government through 2019

2018 April 4

17:51 Vyborg Shipyard lays down yet another freezing trawler for Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet (graphics, photo)

2018 March 29

16:38 Rosrybolovstvo signes agreements on creation of new refrigerating facilities at seaports of Russia with total capacity of 60,000 tonnes (photo)

2018 March 13

17:49 Iceland and Poland to cooperate in the area of fishery, shipbuilding and scientific research

2018 February 28

10:22 50-60 fishing ships worth about RUB 200 billion to be built in Russia within 5-6 years

2018 February 20

18:31 Russian association of fishery businesses call to revise a 'fishing quotas per a keel' terms

2018 February 8

15:27 Incat Crowther announces successful trials of multi-mission offshore vessels built for Philippine BFAR
14:44 RF Government changed the procedure for providing of investment quotas (document)

2018 January 29

11:37 Vyborg Shipyard lays down lead freezing trawler of Project КМТ02 for Nord-Pilgrim (photo)

2017 December 26

18:00 34 applications for construction of fishing ships received by Russian Federal Fisheries Agency in 2017

2017 November 22

14:22 Okskaya shipyard will build a series of six trawlers for fishing company Variant

2017 November 20

14:29 National Fish Resources to invest RUB 3-4 bln in creation of a fishery cluster in the Kaliningrad Region

2017 October 26

09:46 Admiralteiskie Verfi to build six trawlers for Russian Fishery Company (photo)

2017 September 20

16:14 Nevsky Shipyard took part in the International Fishery Forum

2017 September 15

14:29 Russia to build 70-90 ships worth RUB 400 bln by 2030 under Fishery Development Strategy
13:45 Damen presents new designs of fishing ships for Russia at Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo in Saint-Petersburg (photo)

2017 September 14

16:35 Nordic Engineering and Dalryba will cooperate in designing sea-going crab-boat

2017 September 7

12:45 Modernization of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky port to be completed by the end of 2019

2017 September 6

09:34 Okskaya Sudoverf will take part in the International Fishery Forum

2017 September 5

12:22 Nevsky Shipyard takes part in the First International Fishery Forum

2017 September 4

12:37 IMO is addressing fishing vessel safety

2017 August 25

11:33 RF Government amends the method to determine the length of fishing ships (document)

2017 August 24

14:50 Vyborg Shipyard will take part in Global Fishery Forum & International exhibition for fishery, seafood and know-how

2017 June 19

16:57 Saint-Petersburg will host Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo on September 14 - 16

2017 June 6

11:31 Vyborg Shipyard signed contracts for construction of six crab-fishing vessels

2017 May 25

14:30 RF Ministry of Agriculture approves Strategy of sea terminals servicing fishing ships

2017 March 23

13:46 Murmansk Region Governor Marina Kovtun took part in “Fishery in the Arctic" conference

2017 February 13

15:57 Nine fishing companies of Khabarovsk Territory apply for construction of 16 vessels (photo)

2017 February 2

17:58 International conference on Arctic fishery will bring up the issues of fishing fleet modernization

2016 September 2

12:48 Mechanism of investment quotas to attract RUB 200 bln of private investments into fishing fleet
12:35 USC sees no obstacles for implementation of fishing fleet construction programme by 2030

2016 August 31

14:13 RF Government approves regulations for open sea fishery

2016 August 26

15:43 Russian fishing fleet is being equipped with Gonets sattelite system of domestic origin (photo)

2016 July 5

12:29 RF President signs the law on investment quotas for fishery development

2016 June 30

10:02 Federation Council supports fishing quotas for investment purposes

2016 March 18

16:43 Vyborg Shipyard signs contracts with Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet to build four trawlers

2016 February 26

16:02 Vyborg Shipyard to build freezing trawler of new generation for North Atlantic regions

2016 January 21

17:21 Vyborg Shipyard and ATF sign agreement on cooperation in construction of four trawlers

2015 November 18

15:50 Russian fishing companies increase catch of aquatic bioresources by 5.2% to 3.8 mln t

2015 November 11

13:30 Putin tells RF Government to develop plan for ordering Russian fishing ships from domestic shipyards

2015 October 20

12:41 Murmansk Region is for facilitation of coastal fishing and processing development, Governor Marina Kovtun says (photo)

2015 October 19

17:44 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade says Russia can build 6 large and up to 20 midsize fishing ships per year