• 2017 December 14


    Russia jumps into LNG with Chinese money

    Last week, Russia began loading the first cargoes of liquified natural gas (LNG) from an export terminal located on the peninsula...

  • 2017 December 13


    Northern Latitudinal Railway to offer new jobs in Russia's Yamal

    Launch of the new 700-meter long Northern Latitudinal Railway (NLR) in the Yamalo-Nenets Region will offer new jobs at the railroad and at the region’s new deposits and processing plants. The project will favor settlement of many local problems and will speed up development of the Arctic...

  • 2017 December 13


    Icebreaking tankers have course for Russia’s new Arctic LNG plant, and they all carry foreign flags

    Along the ice-covered port area was lying the «Christophe de Margerie», the flagship in the fleet of new icebreaking carriers built to transport the liquified natural gas out through the Gulf of Ob and to the markets...

  • 2017 December 13


    Norway faces down Russia and environmentalists in race for Arctic

    Norway shares a 195km land border with Russia and a lengthy maritime boundary that stretches north, dissecting the Barents Sea...

  • 2017 December 8


    Bitcoin for International Trade: Ukrainian Shipping Company is the Latest Adopter

    A Ukrainian shipping company based in Odessa, a port city, called Varamar Ltd. plans on exploring the advantages and disadvantages of accepting bitcoin transactions to enable frictionless global trade and investment...

  • 2017 December 8


    Christophe de Margerie named Engineering Project of the Year

    Christophe de Margerie, the icebreaking LNG carrier built to order for SCF Group (Sovcomflot) to serve the Yamal LNG project, has won the award for Engineering Project of the Year at the 2017 Platts Global Energy Awards...

  • 2017 December 8


    Putin blesses multibillion-dollar bet on Russia competing in LNG

    As Russia’s President Vladimir Putin oversees the official start of a $27 billion liquefied natural gas plant in the snow-covered tundra of northern Siberia, his mind may wander to its biggest competitor more than 3,000 miles away in Qatar...

  • 2017 December 6


    Crewing and ship-management software start-up grows in Rotterdam

    Except for fuel expenses, manning a vessel actually accounts for 60 percent of its operational expenses. Ship management companies often pay very little attention to this outlay – even though the amounts involved are quite substantial...

  • 2017 December 4


    Cooperation between the Port of Riga and India became stronger

    At a transport and logistics conference in Mumbai, representatives presented the logistics sector of Latvia and its advantages in Eurasian transit corridors, as well as familiarised Indian entrepreneurs with the opportunities of using the Latvian transit corridor for delivering cargo to Northern Europe...

  • 2017 December 4


    Russia's Karelia suggests building deep-water port on White Sea

    Authorities of north-western Karelia Region suggest beginning construction of a deep-water port on the White Sea with the annual capacity of about 15 million tonnes of cargo...

  • 2017 December 1


    NLMK Group breaks the ice

    Russian steelmaker NLMK Group has shipped transformer (or grain oriented steel) to Ruselprom, a leading electric machinery manufacturer in Russia...

  • 2017 December 1


    Turkmenistan port opens new China-Europe rail corridor

    The opening of the Turkmenbashi seaport in Turkmenistan gives shippers interested in using China-Europe rail one more routing option, although it faces stiff cost and...